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Mechanical reinforcement of ceramic/metallic components for high temperature application by electrospun ceramic nanofibers.

Mechanical reinforcement is a common requirement for many applications of ceramics, metals and cermets, especially those operating at high temperatures. In many cases where functional materials are used for mechanical support, remarkable modification of composition is not allowed to avoid properties alteration. This project aims to develop mechanical reinforced ceramic/metallic supports for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and other electrochemical devices operating at high temperatures.

The reinforcement is realized by using continuous ceramic nanofibers with designed composition, which will be done by employing a versatile and inexpensive technique-electrospinning (ES). The focus is on the nanofibers-matrix integration processing, and how the ceramic nanofibers influence sintering and high temperature mechanical properties of the reinforced components. This is expected to have an outcome useful in material processing and other strategic technologies where mechanical reinforcement is needed.